Online pokies are prevalent types of betting games played online. Many online casinos offer as many as 200 top-rated online pokies for fun and enjoyment. What makes pokies so highly preferred is tits ease of playing. Playing them does not need special skills; even beginners can play with ease and enjoy them to the fullest.

Players of online pokies play the game for hours, along with generating revenue. There are types of online pokies. 3, 4, 5, and 7 reel pokies, video pokies, 3D pokies, high payout pokies, and fruit machines are some of the examples.

3, 5, and 7 reel pokies

The numbers denote the intensity of difficulty of the online pokie game; the first one being the simplest, the middle one being the most prevalently used and preferred and the last one being the most hyped. 

The likelihood of winning increases while the winning amount decreases. Betting on a 3 reel pokie means you are very likely to win; however, the amount is less. Similarly, betting on the seven reel pokies decreases your chances of winning; however, you can earn a higher amount with an instance of winning.

5 reel pokie is the most preferred as it averages the winning amount as well as its chances.

Video pokies

The primary mechanism or principle of the video pokies remains the same. The only thing that makes it different is that it features video graphics. Most online pokies are featured with high video graphics. The players experience a live like setting where playing almost seems live with intuitive graphics.

Fruit machines

‘Fruit machine’ is a Briticism for slot machine. It can be used to refer to every type of pokie. 

High payout pokies

These are incredibly hyped pokies, however not so widely available. Typically, high payout pokies sites have five, seven, or even more reels. The winning chances are greatly diminished with betting on high payout pokies.

Now that we have discussed that online pokies are and their types; we shall discuss ‘How to play Online pokies Australia?’

Instructions to play online pokies

The online Aussie pokies are digitalized versions of the physical pokies or fruit machines. The steps of playing them are very much the same. For someone with experience of playing the physical pokies, switching to the online version is a cakewalk.

Here are some steps for playing online pokies:

  1. Log on to the website
  2. Read the terms and conditions
  3. Sign up
  4. Pay using your bank card/ credit card
  5. Play the game
  6. Collect the winning sum in your bank account

You can alternatively download software on your smartphone or computer and play the same pokie game. This option is better than logging online as you usually get better graphics and deal with trustworthy online pokie companies.


Online pokies can be highly entertaining and rewarding. Highly loved by all, the pokie is a favorite of beginners and pros’. The best online pokies Australia is one of the most sought after things in online betting, with offering exciting visuals and winning chances.

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